About me

Since 1999 I’ve had the honour to serve as a consultant and advocate for families within the public school system, to increase their knowledge of the effects of post-institutionalization, trauma, and loss in adopted children. I was also honored to help establish The Canadian Clinic for Adopted Children at the Trillium Hospital in Mississauga, Ontario, and served on the Hospital’s Board of Directors for several years afterward.


Motivated to help adoptive families, I realized that besides the issues surrounding adoption, there were also a myriad of other challenges that parents were dealing within in their personal lives: workplace stress, profound feelings of life dissatisfaction, isolation and loneliness, feelings of being stuck, the inability to control triggers and bad habits, and the quest to make sense or find meaning in their lives.

I learned about Life Process Transformation™ (LPT) when Viola Fodor was the keynote speaker at a Suicide Prevention Centre I was training at. I was so intrigued with her simple, yet profound approach to self-care and self-discovery, that she soon became a touchstone for me, and a rock for the clients that she served.

When I suffered my first significant loss and was burdened by profound grief, I turned to Viola and worked through her Life Process Transformation program. Through her work, I began to understand the mechanics I was using was limiting my solutions and options. Viola helped develop my resources, strengthened my resolve, and opened up options that I was not aware of before I entered the program.

I saw how LPT™ could benefit other individuals like myself and became certified as an LPT™ practitioner in 2015. Since then, it has been a privilege to assist others gain the knowledge and skills they need to heal themselves through this natural and gentle process. Many families turn to LPT™ when their children suffer from anxiety and depression.  It works in adjunct to their existing therapeutic modalities, it’s gentle, natural, there’s no hokus pokus, and does not rely on pharmaceuticals.

Life Process Transformation™ (LPT) will help turn up the volume to hearing wisdom, knowing kindness, and will bring back clarity into your life.

If you are interested in learning how to reduce your stress, to see your life from a clearer perspective, to find your passion, gain insight and understanding, and find out who you’re really meant to be, I work in Toronto and look forward to hearing from you, whether in person or via Zoom. Email me at StayQuietAndListen@gmail.com