Life Process Transformation

Life Process Transformation™ (LPT) has narrowed that gap for many who have learned how to live authentic and rewarding lives. To put it simply, LPT relies on the practice of inner silence, value clarification, healing and personal growth, and not on goal setting or willpower. 

Life Process Transformation teaches you how to act on your own
so that you can change your life for the better. It is a simple approach, accessible to all and focused on helping you develop your
higher potential 
as you take deep responsibility for  your life.”
                                                                                           Viola Fodor

The Process: 

When I met Viola many years ago, she taught me that our issues are often our best teachers.  Many of us go through life avoiding or denying our problems mainly because they’re associated with discomfort or pain. The good news is, that we can learn to access our innate wisdom to guide us through those troubled times.

Wisdom is always there.  Problems arise when we access only a small part of it, missing the insights and reflections that come along our way.  When we pause, quiet our minds and listen within, that is when we have the opportunity to access greater potential and a deeper understanding of life events.

Wisdom lies below the surface patiently waiting until we are ready to listen… 

Whether you have broad underlying issues, dealing with teeming and colliding life events, or simply want to fine-tune your itchy spirit, LPT can help you build insight and awareness through a natural and guided process. No hocus-pocus.

Would it surprise you to learn that the voice you are seeking in your life is actually your own? By practicing Quiet Time, you will learn how to access the wisdom that you’ve always had, and hear your own voice clear as a bell, and as wise as an elder, perhaps for the first time in your life.

If you are ready to work from the inside out, to learn what lies beneath the surface, and are ready to welcome this gentle yet profound process that can transform your life, I look forward to hearing from you.

The Process: 

In 2015, I completed Viola Fodor’s certification training for the Life Process Transformation™ and use the LPT™ Workbook to guide my clients with the same ideas and program that Viola created many years ago. This program embraces self-exploration through awareness exercises and psycho-educational learning.

Viola Fodor

Viola Fodor
February 5, 1949 – March 9, 2020

Voila Fodor died on March 9, 2020 in Brantford, after an illness of many years that had no definitive diagnosis. She died the way she lived—with full awareness, being loved by so many and loving all. Her life and death exemplified perhaps the most important lesson of all: that there is a life force in each and every one of us; that it is good and supports our growth if we allow it; and that it carries us forward, towards the fulfillment of our unique self and right through to our death, which is never an ending, merely another transformation.

Viola’s career evolved as she created and founded Life Process Transformation™. A gifted psychotherapist registered with the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals (formerly OACCPP), she led workshops for lay and professional groups using a humanistic/transpersonal perspective. She was a frequent speaker on stress, depression, eating disorders, personal transformation and spirituality. Also an insightful writer, she authored “Desperately Seeking Self”, “Where Have I Been All My Life?” and much more. To learn more about Viola’s work and Life Process Transformation™. Please visit Viola Fodor. Her teachings live on through the thousands of people she helped and those she trained to continue her work.

Viola shared with her clients a reverence for the healing power of a quiet mind! With transformative gentle grace, she met people where they were at in their lives and guided them with genuine compassion and empathy, like a spiritual force of nature that brought people to their best selves. To learn more about Viola’s work and Life Process Transformation please visit Viola Fodor. Her teachings live on through the thousands of people she helped and those who are certified in guiding others through LPT.

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