Life Process Transformation

Life Process Transformation teaches you how to act
on your 
own behalf so that you can change your life for
the better. It is 
a simple approach, accessible to all and
focused on helping you 
develop your higher potential
as you take deep responsibility for  your life.”
                                                                      Viola Fodor
When I met Viola many years ago, I realized that our issues are actually our teachers and that we can learn from them. I began to understand that our innate wisdom is always there but we access only a small part of it. It lies below the surface patiently waiting until we are ready to listen…


Whether you have broad underlying issues, or you’re dealing with teeming and colliding life events, or simply want to fine-tune your itchy spirit, LPT can help you build insight and awareness through a natural and guided process. No hocus-pocus.

Would it surprise you to learn that the voice you are seeking in your life is actually your own?  By practising Quiet Time, you will learn how to access the wisdom that you’ve always had, and hear your own voice clear as a bell, and as wise as an elder, perhaps for the first time in your life.

If you are ready to work from the inside out, to learn what lies beneath the surface, and are ready to welcome this gentle yet profound process that can transform your life, I look forward to hearing from you.

By the way, regarding the question I asked earlier, “Where is your Lighthouse?”, the answer is “within”


The Process: 
I completed Viola Fodor’s certification training for the Life Process Transformation™ in 2015. I use the LPT™ Workbook to guide my clients with the same ideas and program that Viola created many years ago. This program embraces self-exploration through awareness exercises and psycho-educational learning. Viola has had remarkable success with LPT and has helped hundreds of people improve their lives. I hope to humbly follow in her path.

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