What may bring you to this process…

Where is your lighthouse?

How many of us are searching for meaning in our lives and look for those lighthouses to guide our way?  Sometimes those lighthouses disguise themselves as people, work, hobbies, or accumulating wealth, but oftentimes they hide themselves in bad habits. If the result of your efforts leaves you with an “Is that all there is?” feeling, then your seeking probably falls somewhere in between hope and reality. 

Life Process Transformation

 is for anyone who is

  • feeling stuck and frustrated

  • at crossroads in their lives

  • feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities and obligations

  • suffering from burnout

  • feeling they’ve run out of options

  • operating on automatic

  • lacking an authentic Self

  • running away from commitment

  • often repeating the same mistakes

  • not happy with their decisions, or not able to make any in the first place

  • worrying a lot, or preoccupied with thoughts

  • not able to let go or move past their grief

  • overly sensitive to criticism

  • accessing emotions that are either over indulgent or overly practiced

  • suffering from depression or anxiety, or panic attacks

  • engaging in self destructive behaviours or relationships

  • taking unnecessary risks

  • struggling with mental or physical health issues

  • reminded regularly of the gulf that exists between your present state of life and where you want to be? 


If you’re exhausted of running after the next best-thing-that-will-improve-your-life-and-shed-light-on-what-you-need-to-purchase/change/connect with, then Life Process Transformation™ is something you really need to investigate.


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